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Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

10 x min skills circuit as a warm up.

– 5 x butterfly pullups

– 10 x Up Downs

– 60 sec V-sit hold

Push Jerk (5,5,5,5,5)

Strength circuit to be done every 3minutes.

– 5 x push jerks. increase the weight by 5/2.5kg’s from previous week.

– 10 x Bent rows using KB’s or DB’s

– 5 x strict HSPU

*Increase weight on all exercises.

Metcon (Time)

EMOM = 7mins

– 12 x G2O/H *pick a weight where you can do all the reps unbroken ‘tap and go’.


– 75 x swings @ 24/16kg


– 75 x Mountain Climbers each leg.

*every min perform 7 x burpees.

AA 09-10-2015

CrossFits Coogee – Athlete Academy

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5k Run (Time)

Max Effort 5k Run
*Improve your time from previous week. Run the same route you did so that you are able to show progression.

This cardio WOD is a MUST!!! You can do it on the weekend if you like.

It is the one session that will improve your CrossFit more than anything else.

It is the foundation of cardio and CrossFit. If you can build this session into a strong and fast session then all your other sessions will improve.

Metcon (Calories)

7 x MIN row for MAX calories.

*pulling the handle hard to generate maximum power each stroke will generate more calories.

*This cardio is about building a strong anaerobic threshold, strength endurance and non stop high level gas tank!

Your legs are going to feel really tired but you need to push as hard as possible.

Bar Muscle-ups (30)

30 x bar MU’s for time.

Snatch Pull (2,2,2,2,2,2)

Snatch warmup.

3 x rounds to be done at a weight where you can be fast, explosive and confident.

– 3 x O/H Squats

– 3 x Snatch Balance

– 3 x Hang Snatch

*Increase the weight from the previous week.

EMOM = 6mins

6 x 2 snatch pulls @ 120% of 1 x RM.

Experience a heavy weight and be aggressive and pull hard. Try and keep the heals on the ground when you do this so you are not pulling through your calves.

Snatch (1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1)

8 x sets of

– 1 x snatch pull

– 1 x full snatch

*Increase the weight from the previous week.

*Work on hitting and sticking the bottom of the snatch.

*Stop thinking about the snatch pull and commit to finishing the lift.

Metcon (Time)

For time

3 x rounds

– 12 x power snatches @ 50/35kg

– 12 x pullups

rest 2mins

3 x rounds

– 12 x deadlifts @ 90/55kg

– 12 x bar facing burpees

rest 2mins

3 x rounds

– 12 x S2O/H @ 50/35kg

– 12 x toes2bar


CrossFits Coogee – CrossFit Outdoors

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Metcon (Time)

Outdoors circuit.

5 x rounds of

– 15 x gymnast situps

– 15 x leg raise

– 15 x twists each side.

EMOM = 8mins

– 7 x burpees

– 12 x squat jumps


Partner WOD, work 1 for 1

5 x rounds each

– run to surf club and back.

– 20 x pushups


– 75 x mountain climbers each leg.